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17 Foot Dining Room Table - part 1

A current commission. Building a dining room table, with three carved pedestal bases, and a bookmatched veneer top.

Below is a picture provided by the designer. It shows a Two Pedestal Italian made table, which is 9' long. The purpose of the photo was to show the style desired by the client.

Building a 17' dining room table brings with it some special challenges. The sheer size of it in a small shop will make for some interesting situations. Working alone on this certainly won't make it easier.

Our table will be 14 feet in the closed position, and 17 feet with the leaves inserted. It will also have three pedestals, as two is likely to be inadequate for the size table, unless we use a steel frame.


Dining Room Table

Below is the veneer choosen for the table. Using photoshop, I made pictures of the veneer going in both directions.

Book matched Avodire Crotch Veneer, Pattern 1

Avodire Crotch Veneer Pattern 1






Book matched Avodire Crotch Veneer, Pattern 2

Avodire Crotch Veneer, Pattern 2


Here are some progress pictures of the base layout. Using the known sizes, which in this case is the top of the table, we can determine the size to make the bases. The layout, as drawn will permit taking measurements and angles from.










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